Sprint Velocity & Capacity Planning

Struggling with sprint velocity and capacity planning? Metronome empowers teams to view and manage capacity seamlessly.

Flow and innovation are pillars of the Lean mindset and emphasized in many Agile software development frameworks, especially SAFe. SAFe is built on the foundation of visualizing work-in-progress and managing batch sizes to increase flow and unlock opportunities for innovation. As the only 100% SAFe compliant tool, Metronome provides agile teams with the ability to identify their capacity for upcoming iterations.

During PI Planning teams break down the features to user stories and can drag-and-drop the stories to Iterations. As teams start committing to the user stories, Metronome updates and displays their individual iteration capacity. When teams are nearing or exceeding their capacity limit, Metronome will provide alerts to help teams from overcommitting.

During PI Execution, as teams mark the completed stories, Metronome calculates the team’s progress based on Velocity (completed story points) and planned Capacity.

Metronome combines an easy to use UI with powerful analytics to plot the Velocity of the team with the estimated Capacity. This results in better planning, predictability, and opportunities for innovation.

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