Metronome is an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that helps in aligning release trains to strategic initiatives, operating through cadence and synchronization in and within your Lean enterprises.


Metronome’s landing page is inspired by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Big Picture and provides “one click” access to all ARTs, Agile Teams, Planning Increments (PI) and Iterations. Metronome uses the same taxonomy as SAFe, so there are no add-ons or customization needed to start, or continue, your journey to SAFe.


Single Comprehensive System

Metronome is a centralized, customizable and comprehensive system that covers everything you would need to make your SAFe journey successful.

The Dashboard

Metronome dashboard is inspired by the SAFe Big Picture and provides single click access to the portfolio, program and team information

Tools for PI Planning

The Program Increment (PI) Planning ceremony, the “heartbeat of SAFe” is made simpler and easier using Metronome with powerful yet very intuitive features.

SAFe Ceremonies

Metronome helps organizations by capturing information during the various ceremonies in the Program Increment. This information is presented visually in various formats.

Lean Startup and Lean UX

Metronome fully supports the Lean Learning Life Cycle of Hypothesis, Build, Measure and Learn.

Continuous Delivery

Metronome allows Product Managers and other Business Owners to visualize and control the flow of Features through the Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Program Risks

Metronome’s Comprehensive Risk Management module that allows you to manage risks at the program, feature, and story levels, and analyze their impact on time and cost.

Powerful Reporting

Metronome provides out-of-the-box support for multi-level reporting using information captured during the agile ceremonies allowing for real time decision making across all levels of the enterprise.

SAFe and OMB Reporting Solution

Metronome with its native integration enhances agencies ability to make quantitative decisions about budgetary resources and ensures compliance with current OMB policies and guidance.

Platform and Architecture

Metronome uses all the power of the AWS platform to provide you with the simplicity you need in your program management efforts.

API Connections

Metronome provides the ability to extend itself into other application using the complete set of APIs.

DevOps Ready

Metronome builds alignment among the various groups in an organization by removing the barriers of confusion, ensuring a federated approach towards DevOps.

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