API Connections

Metronome – Orchestrated Agile ®, provides the ability to extend itself into other applications using the complete set of APIs. Whether you would like to seamlessly integrate with other applications, move administration functions, or enhance your team’s productivity through extended reporting,  Metronome’s REST APIs will help you do that very quickly.

What if I am already using JIRA for team Scrums or Issue Tracking? Or Service Now for Help Desk? If a program is in the AWS ecosystem and has a REST API, we can connect to it. Whether you are seeking to connect to other Agile tools or Reporting tools connecting them to Metronome is a breeze.

Metronome integrates seamlessly with your current ecosystem. This enables your organization to maintain the SAFe golden thread all the way from epics in Metronome, to issues and code-commits in other systems like JIRA and Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS). Metronome consumes REST APIs provided by these tools to find items that are tagged with unique story identifiers to create this golden thread. Metronome also provides REST APIs for higher-level systems, like Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM).

These unique features combined with a very consistent and light weight UX has been designed purely for SAFe, making it easy for teams to have everything they need for SAFe and nothing more. Metronome is built on AWS, we provide easy integrations through APIs to your existing toolset.

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